Photographer & influencer by passion,
Communication & visual creation by vocation!

After 4 years of experience in communication & marketing, I started as a freelancer in photography and communication. What better vocation than to live from your passions?

I am a
 but I am first and foremost a storyteller!

And this is my story.

We all once thought, “What a lucky man! I wish I had that luck.”
I decided to create my own luck, because luck is something you can build! That’s what everyone told me when I started: “Luck doesn’t fall on you, you create it”.

Rainbow bridge, Tokyo

It all started in 2015, when I first took a camera in my hands.
Photography became an outlet, then a devouring passion that allowed me to grow and build myself. Like a rebirth, I added meaning to my life that day.

Then I discovered the wonders of traveling when I went to Japan in 2016. Sitting on the beach, alone in front of Tokyo’s gigantic rainbow bridge that lights up at night, I felt free. Free to dream, free to set myself crazy goals, free to believe that I could achieve them!

The next two years, a serie of events pushed me to dream more. A photo exhibited in the parisian subway, a contest won with a hotel, collaborations with brands, then a partnership with Nikon, then with Vanguard, a second photo in the subway, invitations to travel and promote places… Fate? I would rather say a mixture of luck and opportunites. By seizing them I began to build my own chance.

EEOR, East End Of Rundle, Mountain, montagne, Banff, Alberta, Canada, Nature - © Aurore Alifanti Photographie - French photographer, photography, Voyage, Travel

During these two years I met a lot of inspiring and wonderful people, especially thanks to Instagram. Some are friends from distant countries, others have become real friends outside the web. And that’s also how I met Julien, my partner in crime and partner in life! We have shared some great adventures together, climbed rooftops, traveled kilometers & miles, discovered new horizons and ascended mountains!

So when he was offered a job in Spain… Damn it. Okay, I was already planning to change jobs. But live in a country I can barely speak the language and in which I have little chance of finding a job that satisfies me quickly? It’s a much more radical change of life. I then wondered if this mountain was not impossible to ascend.

That’s how I started freelancing, based between Paris and Barcelona. I finally saw a new opportunity to seize. An opportunity to start my own business, to no longer refuse contracts because I have a full-time job, to no longer have to take days off to travel, to have time to share my discoveries by creating a blog in french, to have the chance to work on subjects that thrill me by offering various services, to choose the challenges I want to take up and above all… to spend more time on my passion for photography.

And all of this is also thanks to you, you have my deep gratitude! Thank you for your support!

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