Week-end in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a charming little city to spend a long weekend. Walks along the canals, the authentic architecture, the cute little corners, here are our discoveries in this little paradise!

Are you a photographer? Need to rest? Or want a romantic weekend? I recommend 100%! We spent 4 days in Amsterdam for the Ascension weekend with Julien.

  Day 1  

Arrived on Wednesday evening with the Thalys, we stayed in an AirBnb in the heart of the city. On our way to the apartment, Amsterdam already offered us a sublime show: a flamboyant sunset along the canals! We obviously immediately took out our cameras to shoot, leaving our luggage on a corner of the sidewalk!


What you need to know about Amsterdam is that they have dinner early! After 11pm restaurants are closed, the only option left is fast food. Don’t be fooled! We have dinner at the GrassHopper, a bar/restaurant for all tourists, much more pleasant than the Mc Donald’s if you are lost and starving.

A short detour into the red light district to soak up Amsterdam’s night atmosphere and here we head back to our appartment, to be in good shape for our first day of exploration!

  Day 2  

The day begins with a lunch under the sun at Jackson Dubois. The terrace is large and very pleasant. I recommend the pasta!

The sun is nice but too strong to take pictures! We walk towards the port of Amsterdam, the SkyLounge Amsterdam offers a superb view! We can see the NEMO science museum. Just next door is the public library with its very original architecture.


Speaking of architecture, we then discover the staircase of a hotel, particularly known for its triangular shape.


Sunset is approaching, we are looking for a beautiful viewpoint. It is at the W Amsterdam Hotel that we find happiness. They have a wonderful terrace where you can have a drink while admiring the city from above.


We end the day with a dinner at The Butcher’s. Burger lovers, you’ll love it! I recommend the one with the truffle!

  Day 3  

The day begins with a visit to Anne Frank’s house. You can’t miss that place. I like to call it “the culture minute”. We have all heard the story of this Jewish girl who writes in her diary how her family hid during the Second World War. But visiting the hidden annex and access to its thoughts by listening to her words and walking in her footsteps is something to do once in a lifetime. History, culture and emotions!

After the visit, we look for a place to have a late brunch. We discover Vlaamsch Broodhuys, favorite one of the stay. They have a mini terrace in a charming backyard that gives a feeling of a secret little place. And everything we ate there was delicious!

We continue the visit of the city and cross the famous flower market. Colors and bulbs surround us! I advise you to do this market in the morning, to avoid the crowd. Then we take the direction… of a parking lot! Yes I know, parking is a special passion, but we love it!


Then we join a friend we met via Instagram, we had met him for the first time in Rotterdam a few months earlier. Jeroen is an explorer. Feel free to check out his photos, you’ll be amazed! What we like most about discovering a city is to explore it with locals. So we meet him at the VondelPark. We stay a while at a coffee terrace, waiting for the light to be more pleasant to shoot and let’s go! Direction… Another parking lot!


This one is really fabulous! It has several floors and is very photogenic for those who appreciate geometric shapes. And because it was just built, there was no one there!

Back to Amsterdam Sloterdijk station and a let’s be creative with the sun’s rays!


We go back along the canals to enjoy blue hour and take some pictures around Haven Van Texel.

  Day 4  

Heading for the Rijks Museum, it is quite as famous as the Louvre in Paris. It is a very beautiful museum exhibiting works from XXII to XX centuries. And in this museum you will also find a magnificent and very graphic library!

On Jeroen’s advice, we go to the Hannekes Boom. A place with a hipster atmosphere to snack and refresh on Amsterdam shores. The best thing is to check Google to make you want to go there! Then a little nap on the docks and we take the path to the center to shoot the canals. Lucky we are, the weather was perfect!


After the effort, the comfort! Yummy! We found Castillo, a small Argentinean restaurant that was our second favorite one of the trip. We shared tapas and it was delicious! Don’t miss the vegetarian mushrooms tapas!

  Jour 5  

We really wanted to “chill” for this last day, and to act as normal tourists! We brunch late and then go on a boat trip on the canals. Sometimes, headphones are really nice to discover the history of a city. We were able to admire the famous “7 bridges” which can only be seen when you are on the canals.


After that, we take the ferry to cross IJ Lake and access Amsterdam North. We walk near the beautiful Eye museum. Then we slowly returned to the apartment to pick up our stuff and go to the train station.


Amsterdam is en expensive city.
Hotel or Air BnB, you need to book your stay in advance!

However, I advise you to take an AirBnb. This is what we did and we got for 400€ for 4 nights, for a complete and very well located apartment.

In Amsterdam, the simplest transport modes are tramway, bicycle (of course!), and above all… your feet! Don’t be afraid, this city is not that big!

To get to the other side of the lake in North Amsterdam, the ferry is regular, fast and free!

If you want to rent a boat to enjoy the canals, do it in advance as for accommodation! 😉

Vlaamsch Broodhuys ♥♥♥♥
Intimate brunch

Castillo ♥♥♥♥♥
Meat & tapas amators

The Butcher ♥♥
Burgers bar for greedy ones

Hannekes Boom ♥♥♥♥
Hipster appetizer

Jackson Dubois ♥♥
Lunch at a terrace

The Grasshopper ♥♥♥♥♥
Still better than Mc Donald’s when others are close…

They are some rooftop terraces to try here.

A cute ride to do on the canals here.


I hope you enjoyed this article! Feel free to leave a comment to give me your opinion, tell me if you know Amsterdam, and what places you particularly appreciate!

You can follow my adventures and new photos live on Instagram! See you soon for new discoveries!


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